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Northern Educate Hockey Academy

Hockey Program

The hockey program at Northern Educate is run by some of the premier hockey development coaches in North America. Our instructors will provide 480 hours of professionally developed on-ice curriculum based on decades of experience in a wide variety of individual skill development and competitive team programs. Our hockey staff has a significant presence at every level of the game, and it is our goal to impact and teach players how to be successful and progress at each and every level from Mites to the NHL. We will be there to help connect all the dots for your player’s development with passion and intensity.

In addition to presence, our coaches and hockey instruction programs have a reputation for quality and are recognized across the World as leaders in Hockey Skill Instruction. Our Programs do not stop at the Youth Hockey or Junior Hockey levels. We have provided in-season skills practices at the NHL and AHL levels, as well as individualized, off-season, instruction to many professional and aspiring NCAA/Junior hockey players in conjunction with their off-season strength and conditioning programs.

Northern Educate boasts a first class hockey staff of professional, intense and passionate coaches with NHL, European, College, and Junior League experience. We know how to make your son or daughter the very best hockey player they can be as well as men and women of Integrity, Character, and Excellence, our three core principles.

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Athletic Performance

The Athletic Performance Program is designed to build athleticism, agility, and strength through a combination of cross training, resistance exercises, plyometrics, core, and off-season weight training (for older students). We also include cardio and opportunities to have fun and build teamwork.

Five Reasons to Consider the Northern Educate Hockey Curriculum

  1. Individuals advance in hockey…not teams. We strive to make every individual player a better player individually, thereby, making them an invaluable asset to their team.
  2. The individual skill work we teach cannot be replicated in any team practice. This makes our time with any player a valuable step in their development process.
  3. Our specialized curriculum makes each player accountable to perform and execute the desired skill work in a game like setting at an intense, game like speed.
  4. Northern Educate will “Connect All Of The Dots” for its players throughout the learning/training process; empowering them to maximize their game performance and further enhance their enjoyment, success and longevity in the sport.
  5. Northern Educate brings worldly experience to all of its players by calling on the following work with:
    • St. Louis Blues (NHL)
    • Sioux City Musketeers (USHL)
    • Belarusian National Team (2006)
    • Experience working with athletes in 39 different cities throughout North America including St. Louis, MO; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Tampa, FL; Tacoma, WA and many points in between