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Northern Educate Lacrosse Academy

Program Highlights

  • Technology enhanced K - 12 curriculum in a classroom environment with a high degree of individual attention
  • Follows the traditional Minnesota school year including all holidays
  • 480 hours of professionally developed on-field training curriculum
  • 100 hours of professionally develeoped off-field training (speed, agility, quickness and strength)
  • First class lacrosse coaching staff with Professional Box and NCAA Division I playing experience
  • Customized training and nutrition program for the individual student
  • Academy focus is on developing the student in the classroom, athlete on the field and a leader in the community.
  • We will not be forming teams. Our emphasis is on personal, individualized growth and development during the day so that the student can flourish in the evening with their local association or the traveling team of their choice.

Lacrosse Academy News

Five Reasons to Choose Northern Educate Lacrosse Academy

  1. Individuals advance in lacrosse…not teams. We strive to make every individual player a better player individually, thereby, making them an invaluable asset to their team.
  2. The individual skill work we teach cannot be replicated in any team practice. This makes our time with any player a valuable step in their development process.
  3. Our specialized curriculum makes each player accountable to perform and execute the desired skill work in a game like setting at an intense, game like speed.
  4. Northern Educate Lacrosse Academy will “Connect All Of The Dots” for its players throughout the learning/training process; empowering them to maximize their game performance and further enhance their enjoyment, success and longevity in the sport.
  5. Northern Educate Lacrosse Academy brings worldly experience to all of its players by calling on their collective experiences in the NCAA, Professional and international leagues.

All students will be given a helmet on their first day at Northern Educate

Aime Caines

Aime Caines

Director of Lacrosse

Phone: 952-258-9264