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Northern Educate Goalie Camp

Steve  Briere

Steve Briere

Director of Goalies

Phone: 256-520-9412

July 22 - 25 at Richfield Ice Arena - $495

Northern Educate Goalie Academy has taken their world class curriculum and condensed it into one week for the annual Northern Educate goalie academy camp July 22-25th 2013 at Richfield arena.

This is a wonderful opportunity for goalies to get a taste of what the Northern Educate Goalie Academy program is all about at the same time learning and preparing for the upcoming season.

The NE Goalie Camp will consist of 3 hours of ice daily with an hour of goalie specific dry land training as well vision training and  video review of each goalie’s on ice performance as well as video from Junior, College and Professional goaltenders.

The camp is centered on situational goaltending instruction instead of a certain style of goaltending.  Situational goaltending means that we take a game like situation and we introduce the goaltenders to different techniques to play the situation. We then add repetition and finally perfection in order to be able to repeat in a real game situation. This allows each goaltender to develop into their own goaltender.

Each day will begin with foundational training beginning with skating, goalie specific movement and basic technique. Once we build up the basics we then put the goaltenders into game like situations and then begin situational goaltending instruction.

Areas of focus for the camp are:

  1. Vision
  2. Physical Strength
  3. Flexibility
  4. Cardio
  5. Mental Strength
  6. Save Selection
  7. Rebound Control
  8. Recovery
  9. Confidence
  10. Positioning, Angles and Depth