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Our Program: The Design and Development Training Structure

Aims and Objectives

Our aim and objective of our program is clear  – we want to deliver quality soccer education both technically and tactically to the growing number of young athletes interested in year-round soccer instruction in a high level coaching environment.
We want to improve all soccer players by providing a positive learning environment, including an age and skill appropriate training curriculum administered by trained coaches who develop players in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game.
Unfortunately some players do not watch enough soccer live or on television.  Players do not get enough physical exposure to the game at a high level to have role models teach by repetitive viewing.  How else is the student to learn and grow?

At our PLAYER DEVELOPMENT CENTRES we are sensitive to these needs and our philosophy has always been to use soccer educators in our coaching staff.

We do it best because that's all we do and we do it full time - year round...That's our business and we're good at it!

Training Stages

We are developing 4 levels of training development for field players and Goalkeepers.

Level 1: u8 Program

Level 2: u9-u10 Program

Level 3: u11-u12 Program

Level 4: u13-u14 Program

At each stage of the players development they will learn more mobility and coordination, boost their strength and stamina, build their confidence and become better soccer players. We teach the players to use their brain and develop a superior soccer intelligence.

Our overall development curriculum is designed so that it constantly works on the things that are so important - developing quality of passing, first touch and manipulation of the soccer ball.

Our technical topics will always incorporate receiving and passing as an element. By building the ability to receive and pass comfortably players are always building confidence as each week progresses into the next.

Ultimately we aim to make each player a better player in all aspects of his game, technical, physical and mental.

The Northern Educate Soccer Academy operates a stage by stage developmental approach. At a young age mastery of the ball is vital for a child’s future development. Players follow a path focused on technique and skill development, as competency increases, tactical elements are introduced.