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Northern Educate Figure Skating Acacdemy


The figure skating program at Northern Educate will provide over 600 hours of professionally developed on and off ice curriculum based on the experience and expertise of specialized coaches in a variety of individual skill development classes to enhance training and aid the skaters primary coach(s) in training the complete skater for all levels of competitors.  Skaters in this program will be able to pursue a quality education while at the same time be able to pursue the type of training “extras” necessary to help them reach the highest goals possible with their skating that often cannot fit into the traditional training programs being offered to figure skaters.  We encourage skaters to retain their primary coaches and clubs for their private lesson, testing and competition needs.  We consider our program to offer the necessary aids to make the complete training experience more attainable time wise and financially viable for our families.

Daily Training Program Includes:

  • Off Ice Jumps
  • On Ice Edges/Figures
  • Yoga / Pilates
  • On Ice Power
  • Off Ice Strength Training
  • Ballet
  • Plyometric Training
  • Open Freestyle
  • On Ice Pole Harness
  • On Ice Movement/Choreography
  • Hip Hop / Jazz Off Ice