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Figure Skating Academy Coaches

At Northern Educate our goal is to provide quality, specialized training to enhance and further develop the fundamental skating skills and body control necessary for participants to obtain the most well rounded training and development for their sport.  Often, this type of training is the missing element in most figure skaters’ training due to lack of available time and access to the specialized coaches on a daily basis in their training schedule.

Our staff includes highly specialized and recognized coaches in each training area:  Dance (ballet, modern, hip hop, jazz), off ice conditioning, choreography, body movement, off ice harness and on ice pole harness, yoga, pilates,  sports psychology, edge and power skating.   We will also incorporate figure skating judges/technical specialists and world renowned coaches to work with the skaters periodically to provide all aspects of training for them.

We encourage skaters to maintain their primary coaches and home club affiliations while attending Northern Educate.  We offer open freestyle sessions daily for our skaters and welcome their coaches to come and teach them on those sessions.