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Goalkeeper Academy

Goalkeeper Academy

Alongside the Soccer Academy program, Northern Educate offers a goalkeeper training program unrivaled by any club or private training program in terms of the number of on-field hours of deliberate practice provided. To become successful high-level players goalkeepers must learn a wider variety of skills than their field-player counter parts. The numerous elements of physical and tactical preparation demand an attention to detail that most youth club goalkeeper programs do not have time to develop. Quite simply; top level competitive goalkeepers are held to a very high standard in soccer, and the training to reach this standard requires more training than the average youth player ever receives in the current system of club soccer training.

Northern Educate’s goalkeeper training program gives dedicated ambitious goalkeepers a chance to experience a complete and detailed environment that fosters success at the highest levels. There is no substitute in the development process for the necessary hours of deliberate practice of technical skills, and this program provides this in the most direct way possible. 


The Northern Educate Goalkeeper Training Curriculum is based on the principle that goalkeepers, like all student-athletes, need to approach their education and athletic development with balance and a holistic view that addresses all aspects of their growth on and off the field. In addition to the strong academic and personal development components of the Northern Educate curriculum, the goalkeeper training curriculum focuses specifically on three areas that are crucial to the development of goalkeepers:

Technical Proficiency:
The ability to make routine plays with both hands and feet with consistency and reliability when called upon is among the most important attributes a goalkeeper can possess. Further, technical proficiency in skill areas like handling, shot-stopping, movement, and distribution is the foundation upon which top goalkeepers build the skills needed to make the big plays that change games.

Physical Capability:
Goalkeepers are required to display a wide array of physical abilities in the course of a season, or even a single game. Physical training that is specific tailored specifically to the position and designed to cultivate explosiveness, speed, agility, coordination, and reflexes is crucial to the process of goalkeeper development.

Tactical Awareness:
Goalkeepers in the modern game of soccer are required to be far more than shot-stoppers and players capable of catching crosses. In 2012 FIFA found that, on average, professional goalkeepers play the ball with their feet seven times for every one time they play the ball with their hands. This points to the increasing tactical nature of the position – goalkeepers MUST understand the game and be able to play as a player within a defensive and attacking system of play. The goalkeeper training curriculum includes on and off field instruction, utilizing video analysis and old fashioned “chalk talk” sessions to teach goalkeepers to understand the finer tactical points of the modern game. 

Brad Fewell

Brad Fewell

Director of Soccer

Phone: 651 998 2300