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Academic Overview

Northern Educate Sports Academy provides a very interactive and supportive academic environment that sets it apart from traditional schools.  Students receive an unmatched level of individual attention from live instructors that guide them through their daily lessons.  Our instructors focus on specific subjects and hold teaching licenses or at least a Master's degree in a variety of areas.     

Daily lessons have been professionally developed and approved to meet MN standards and are delivered online through a MN public charter school to better engage and interest students.  This provides a number of advantages over traditional schooling where a teacher lectures the class for a large part of the period.  First, students are required to personally engage in the curriculum every day and complete some sort of assessment for every single lesson, from a short multiple-choice quiz to longer tests, or from science and art projects to papers.  In a traditional class, students may have trouble staying engaged with a teacher’s lecture or may go a week or two without an assessment to check their learning.  While the Minnesota certified online teacher grades work and is the primary teacher, our live instructors provide one-on-one help on a daily basis and ensure students are progressing on pace and with acceptable grades.  Otherwise, they will not be allowed on the ice or field until their academic progress is up to standards.

Another advantage of the online curriculum is that every lesson for the whole year is visible to parents, and grades are visible as soon as the student completes most assessments.  (Projects and papers may require 2-3 days to grade).  This allows parents to see how their student is doing on a daily basis without waiting for a midterm report or relying on the student to answer the age-old question, “What did you learn about today?”  Parents can see the content of all lessons and know exactly what they learned that day and see exactly what questions they scored right and wrong on every assessment.      

What students like about the online curriculum is that it is more interesting, fun and engaging than the traditional classroom curriculum delivered primarily by a lecture and notes on a whiteboard ten to thirty feet away.  As students have been raised in a much more digital world than their parents, they are comfortable with technology and sometimes need more stimulation than a lecture to keep their attention.  With a technology enhanced curriculum, there is a lot more multimedia content such as colorful animated tutorials for younger students or videos from Discovery EducationR or the History ChannelR that bring the material to life better than a simple lecture.  However, most classes require textbook reading as well, from well-known publishers such as Pearson and McGraw-Hill.  Lessons are presented in a consistent, high quality manner that does not vary with the teacher. 

Students will receive textbooks, workbooks, and all the resources needed to succeed in their courses at no cost through the public charter school. All students need is a laptop computer. They will complete courses in all state mandated subject areas for their grade and will have access to a large variety of electives and advanced classes. Thus, our student athletes will develop a strong academic foundation and the ability to think critically and solve problems.

Best of all, students receive individualized instruction designed to meet their specific needs. The charter school will assess their academic background and test scores and conduct placement tests as needed to determine the best academic program for your child.  For more information or to see the curriculum and meet our instructors,  please call 651-998-2300. We welcome you to come and see what all the excitement is about!