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Achiever Academy

Our Achiever Academy is designed for the high level athlete's playing on full season Junior or Midget hockey team who are looking for a prep school education second to none. We also encourage local students looking for greater challenge and the same Prep School education to join us as well.  

Achiever Academy’s academic program is designed to provide students with the highest quality educational experience.  We combine daily, individualized student-teacher interaction with vibrant multi-media courses that today’s students enjoy. Our challenging and engaging curriculum meets and exceeds state and national standards. Utilizing an award-winning curriculum, our team of course developers and evaluators have created a unique learning experience which incorporates academic rigor, stimulating lessons, and fun, interactive projects where students can showcase their personal talents in all grade levels.

The Achiever curriculum requires that students take an assessment on every lesson for every subject, whether that is a multiple choice quiz, written test, or writing assignment. Grades will be immediately visible to students and parents alike through the student’s homepage, making it easier to determine if concepts are being learned than in a traditional classroom where graded assignments are often too spread out to measure learning.

Achiever’s K-8 academic program begins with the world-renowned Calvert School curriculum which is research-based and evaluated continually to meet national and state standards. Calvert celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2006 and is known for delivering quality learning and teaching materials all over the world. Achiever is also developing additional courses and materials to include more simulation and gaming technology focused on encouraging an interest in the hard sciences.  These courses will begin to expose children to science and technology-oriented career tracks as well, from biologists to astronomers.
Currently, each course combines the best classroom-tested materials, teacher-created Lesson Manuals, and proven educational methodologies all in one complete, meticulously planned curriculum that guides parents or teachers through each day of instruction with easy-to-use lesson plans.  Its comprehensive placement process determines the best curriculum option for each child based on years of research and testing so that students can be placed in the proper academic level.

To ensure students maximize learning based on proper placement and exceptional learning materials, Achiever focuses on hiring very student-oriented teachers who enjoy communicating in person, by phone, e-mail, texting, and social media.  Achiever teachers are very social people who enjoy talking to students throughout the day and provide a strong rapport with parents and students as individuals.  Achiever seeks those “rock star” teachers who are likable, easy-to-talk to and friendly.  The focus for our teachers will be a highly encouraging personality and strong subject matter expertise, aided by a high comfort level with technology and social media to meet students where they live.

Achiever is proud of its robust academic curriculum and the way we help students develop a strong academic foundation, digital literacy, independence, and critical thinking skills that will carry them through college and beyond.